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It seems like every day, there’s a new beauty or skincare product on the market. But, while you’d love to try them all, where do they fit into your current regimen? If you get a new serum, does it replace your current moisturizer? Should you be using concealer as well as a foundation? When do you start doing your makeup first thing which everyone should know? The base which you are using must be matching to your skin and blends with your skin color. You must choose the concealer or foundation which blends into your skin and make your skin look more shiny and smooth. After blending your base you move towards the second step

Moisture: Ideally, choose a moisturizer that has SPF already in it so that you don’t have to apply your daily sun protection after you moisturize. A separate eye cream is also worthwhile since they're made specifically for the delicate eye area. Apply it before you put on your face moisturizer.

Premier: A primer really sets you up for makeup success. “It creates a beautiful canvas and gives longevity to your foundation,” “Even if you don’t use foundation, it will soften the appearance of your skin and help concealer to stay put.” Feel like you’ve got too much on your face already?

Foundation: If you want a lighter coverage, try a tinted moisturizer instead of a full-coverage foundation. “Every woman should have two foundations in her beauty arsenal: her every day, go-to foundation and something a bit heavier for special events to optimize ‘photo op’ moments,” says bridal makeup artist in Lucknow. Match your foundation to your neck or jaw line so that you don’t end up with a lighter head and darker body or vice versa.

Best bridal makeup artist in Lucknow

Concealer: Some women skip foundation and go straight to concealer. Other women don’t bother with concealer if they use foundation. No matter what you used before, concealer covers broken capillaries, dark circles, and blemishes. Here's a pro tip: you don’t have to conceal your entire eye area, says makeup artist in Lucknow. “Maybe you just have darkness in the inner eye, so target your concealer instead of spreading it all over,” he says. “Less is always more.”

Face powder: Face powder sets your foundation and prevents your skin from getting too oily or shiny. Plus, it makes your face look smoother and helps to minimize any small imperfections.

Liner: “Liner can increase the volume of your lashes by tenfold,” says best professional makeup artist in Lucknow, who prefers cake liner or kohl pencils. Avoid the cat-eye look and other high-graphic looks for everyday.

Eye shadow: For all-day staying power, blend a bit of eye shadow primer, such as Bare Minerals Prime Time Eye Primer, onto your lid. For even longer staying power, opt for a cream shadow over a powder. When choosing colors, remember that dark shades recede and light shades make things come forward.

Mascara: Curl your lashes first and do it in three stages: the base first, then the mid-section of the lash. Finish off by getting the little baby lashes on the outside. “These tiny lashes are the unsung heroes and can really make your eyes pop,” says best bridal makeup artist in Gomti Nagar Lucknow. Change out your mascara every three months so that it’s fresh and doesn’t leave your lashes dry-looking and clumpy.

Blush: Blush makes your complexion look radiant and alive. It’s not hard to put on; the secret is to not overdo it. “Go easy on applying the color,” says makeup artist in Lucknow. “It’s simple to add more, but it’s more difficult to try to dial it back once it’s on.”

Lipstick: Lip color is a great way express yourself so be adventurous with it. “Wear whatever color you want—nudes, reds, plums, bights,” says Ruiz. “Life is too short—it’s only lipstick.”